Daniel García Rodríguez

He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the URJC, and a Master’s Degree in Cinema and TV Script from the UPSA. He combines his work as a director and scriptwriter of corporate spots and videos, series and films, with theater dramaturgy and staging.

Creativity is behind campaigns of McDonald’s, Nokia, VIPS or Peugeot, while working on fiction in scripted feature films such as “El explicador”, text subsidized by the Community of Madrid in 2008.

In theater he has written works such as “A la luna”,”Nostromo”,”The Cabinet of Madame Montmô” or “Volátilis”, while developing his facet as an audiovisual artist in “A la luna”, “El peñón es nuestro”, “GS”, “Olympe”, “El principito” or “Taitantos” among others.

He currently works as a scriptwriter in the TVE series “Los Lunnis” and collaborates with producers such as Zinkia in the development of new television formats focused on children.